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Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.12.9

Na dzień 24.12.2020 BSG zapowiada wydanie łatki 0.12.9 do gry Escape from Tarkov. Zmiany można przejrzeć w artykule.

Escape from Tarkov patch

W dniu dzisiejszym 19.10.2020 nadszedł opóźniany patch do gry Escape from Tarkov. Wszelkie zmiany możecie znaleźć w artykule

Escape from Tarkov Preliminary patchnotes for 0.12.4 patch

Dear Escapers! We are glad to present you the preliminary patchnotes for the upcoming 0.12.4 patch! Added: Interchange location has been reworked Interchange location lighting has been updated New interactive objects, new location exfils Various problems with culling, physical colliders have been fixed New mechanics, overweight. The character receives various debuffs while carrying a certain…
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